A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Choose your favorite song and fly as a firework rocket though the level that your music generates!

Catch the Chinese lanterns on your way to increase your combo level and summon more fireworks!

Controls :

- XBOX Controller : 

    - left stick to move

    - A to catch the red lanterns

    - B to catch the yellow lanterns

- Keyboard :

    - Q / ← to move left and D or → to move right

    - K to catch the red lanterns

    - L to catch the yellow lanterns

This game was created in 5 days within the Isart Digital's Gameweek.

Programmers & Game designers :

 - Rafael Garcin

  - Rémy Penet

  - Maxence Beaumont

Game Art :

  - Ophélie Maramotti

  - Romain Soubrier

  - Alice Rideau

Published Apr 13, 2018
StatusOn hold
PlatformsWindows, Android
TagsCasual, firework, fly, Music, rocket, rythme, songs


Windows EXE 41 MB
Android APK 50 MB